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uva di troia Barletta

The vines cultivated in Barletta are used to produce the prestigious wine, Nero Di Troia.

This autochthonous (indigenous) vine was brought to Apulia by the Swabian emperor, Federico II, who had a passion for this full-bodied wine. Nowadays, most of the wine produced comes from the Barletta, Andria and Trani province in the north of Apulia.

Grown on the hillsides of Castel del Monte and along the coastline of Barletta and Trani, Nero di Troia is a wine with an intense, ruby-red colour and a good balance of refined and austere tannins. It has a spicy and woody bouquet (despite the lack of barrel aging) with a hint of blackberry and liquorice. The local gastronomic products and prized wines produced in Apulia have made the region a major destination for tourists worldwide, who travel the distance just to sample the gastronomic delights of our land.

If you would like to taste the best gastronomic products that Barletta and our province has to offer, such as our prized Nero di Troia wine, B&B Barletta Acasamia set among vineyards and olive groves, is the ideal place to stay. To satisfy our gourmet guests, Bed and Breakfast  Acasamia Barletta, in association with GOBat, has devised a series of  itineraries of 3, 5 or 7 days, with visits to; farmhouses, wine cellars, creameries and pasta factories, along with historical and cultural landmarks, allowing guests the opportunity of discovering the origins of local Apulian products and sampling them.

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